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Lifehouse is a church that believes God’s grace creates authentic community. We can be ourselves without worrying about measuring up. We can give and receive kindness without keeping score. We can laugh at ourselves while taking our mission and values seriously.

We believe that we need all kinds of people to fully reflect God’s glory. The world divides us with barriers of race, age, economy, politics, and so much more, but the gospel of Jesus tears down those barriers and unites us as a family with one vision, serving one God.

Vision & Values

Our vision

To see disciples made by establishing reproducing lifegroups throughout greater Nashville.

Our values


We believe Scripture is not only relevant today, but that it is the fully inspired Word of God – God’s revelation of Himself to mankind. Therefore, teaching from the Bible holds a primary role in our services.


The Holy Spirit is God’s presence within and amongst us. Early church life enjoyed both rich theology as well as God’s demonstrated power. We eagerly desire the presence of God and all He has for us.


We love our city and we desire to humbly serve it and contribute to its success. We eagerly seek to demonstrate God’s love in tangible ways and to invite our city to follow Jesus.


The primary biblical image for God is “Father” and the church is His “family.” The New Testament portrays the church as a warm, rich, life-giving, and selfless community.

These are just a few of our primary values. You can learn more about what we value as a community by connecting with us on Sundays or at our Lifegroups.

Come and join us!


Meet Our Team

The Trinity shows us that effective ministry happens when we humbly work together as a team. Jesus is the head of the church and we are intentionally looking to Him to guide us. Lifehouse is led by a team of elders. In the New Testament, elders are also referred to as pastors, bishops, or overseers.

Because we belong to a worldwide family of churches, we also receive support, advice, and accountability from leaders outside of Lifehouse.

John Privett

Lead Pastor / Elder

Jon Worstell


Jase Dean


Tim Harms

Nashville Location Leader


Newfrontiers is a worldwide family of churches united by core values, mission, relationship, and leaders. Together, we represent over 1,000 churches in 70 countries. We are tied together through genuine relationships and partnerships as we seek to make the gospel known and serve our communities.


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As a community, our members generally agree with the beliefs below as those that capture the basic tenets of Christian theology. For a more detailed look at our beliefs, click here, or better yet, come and get to know us!

The Trinity

We believe in one God–infinite, eternal, all-powerful, holy, loving, and faithful–who exists together in three distinct persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

God the Father

God the Father is the sovereign creator and ruler of heaven and earth, which He created and sustains.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God, conceived of the Holy Spirit in the womb of the virgin Mary, and is both fully God and fully man. He died as a penalty for our sin, rose to life from the grave, and ascended into heaven.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the third member of the Trinity and comes to reveal the Father and the Son to the world. The Spirit helps us in many ways: understanding God’s word, giving gifts to build up the church family, and enabling us to become more like Jesus.

The Bible

The Bible is the fully inspired Word of God and our only authoritative guide for faith and life.


As God’s creation, we are designed to have companionship with him. Sin in our lives separates us from God, and the only way we can find our way back to Him is with His help.

The Gospel

The gospel is the magnificent news that God made a way for us to be with Him. God saves us by His grace alone when we put our trust in Jesus’ perfect life and sacrifice for our sins. This good news teaches us to rest in God’s love because our good works can never earn it.

The Church

The church is not a religious institution, denomination, or building. Rather, the church consists of all those who have become genuine followers of Jesus. The church exists both universally and as local communities for making the news of Jesus known to the world.

The Future

Those who have experienced the saving grace of God have a secure future and hope. They will live forever with God in a place redeemed from the curse of sin. No more sickness. No more tears.